Preventative Dentistry

Allow Us to Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy

The best method to ensure your child has a happy, healthy smile is through preventative dentistry. Watertown Pediatric Dentistry in Watertown, NY can help you and your child learn the best ways to brush and floss between routine exams and checkups.

During these exams we will identify any areas of decay, signs of teeth shifting, and review the status of any prior fillings. We use digital x-rays to help us identify anything below the gumline and ensure proper spacing for adult teeth to pop, or erupt, through the gum line. Along with general dentistry services such as sealants and fluoride treatments we provide these preventative dental services:

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Oral Examinations

Dental exams give us a first hand look at how your child’s teeth are coming in, whether there’s any signs of decay, and if braces will be needed at some point in the future.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Routine Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleanings allow us to give your child’s teeth a deep flossing in areas they might not be able to reach. We also scrape plaque from the surface off the teeth, which if left untreated can create cavities.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are necessary for some children to help keep the space open to allow a permanent tooth to erupt and come into place.

For more information about our dental services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 315-221-4044. We look forward to helping your child enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles!