Laser Frenectomy

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Board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Andrew Beuttenmuller of Watertown Pediatric Dentistry offers state-of-the-art LightScalpel CO2 laser procedures including tongue- and lip-tie releases for infants through adolescents. Infants with properly diagnosed tongue- and lip-ties often have difficulty breastfeeding, which may result in air swallowing, reflux, colic, sore nipples for the mother, and may lead to other complications as infants age. LightScalpel laser tongue- and lip-tie (frenectomy) procedures are quick, gentle, and in most cases, require no sutures. When compared to conventional surgery, LightScalpel laser treatment results in minimal to no bleeding, little to no swelling and discomfort, reduced risk of infection, faster recoveries and better cosmetic outcomes. The LightScalpel CO2 laser is made in the USA and is cleared by the FDA for several soft tissue surgical procedures, including frenectomy, gingivectomy and many more. To learn more about the laser benefits, please visit the Light Scalpel website.

laser frenectomy beforelaser frenectomy after

We believe in a team approach when it comes to the treatment of lip and tongue ties.

Obtaining lactation support after a frenectomy is important to promote the success of the breastfeeding mother and baby. We offer lactation counseling from Certified Lactation Counselors who are accredited through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. Our counselors are equipped to provide support in:

  • Clinical breastfeeding counseling and management support
  • Assessment of the affective/ineffective breastfeeding
  • Assess and provide counseling on latch, positioning and milk transfer
  • Lactation counseling before and after frenectomy
  • Help mothers meet their personal breastfeeding goals
  • Certified Lactation Counselors