General Dentistry

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry in Watertown, NY offers a wide range of dental services for children ages 0-18. We are proud to be the first practice in the area to specialize in pediatric dentistry. In addition to providing orthodontics and preventative dentistry, we offer premium general dental services. Whether your child needs a filling, a tooth extracted, or a crown placed, we can help.

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Our general dentistry services include:

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Restorative Fillings

Fillings are used to repair teeth that have been affected by cavities and protect them from any further decay. There are many types of fillings including composite (white) and amalgam (silver) options.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Crowns

Crowns are placed over broken, cracked, or fractured teeth. They are cemented onto existing teeth to improve their strength over time. We offer white crowns as an alternative to the traditional metal option.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY White Crowns (Zirconia Crowns)

This state-of-the-art, natural looking, all-ceramic crown is quickly becoming more popular than its metal counterpart. These crowns are virtually impossible to detect when they are placed. They provide the same benefits of functionality and protection as traditional crowns. We are very proud to offer this as an option for our patients.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Pulpotomy (nerve treatment for primary teeth)

This procedure involves the removal of the diseased portion of the pulp and introducing a disinfecting agent into the tooth to calm the remaining nerve tissue. This is sometimes referred to as “baby root canal” and is followed by placing a crown on the tooth.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Custom Mouthguards

A custom mouthguard made from soft plastic helps protect your child’s teeth, lips, and gums from sports-related injuries.

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry, Watertown NY Emergency Care

We offer emergency care services in case an accident occurs. Whether your child’s tooth was knocked out or they’re experiencing overwhelming dental pain, please give us a call and leave us a message at 315-221-4044.