Digital Radiography

Watertown Pediatric Dentistry in Watertown, NY uses digital radiography, or x-rays, as one of our main diagnostic tools. This allow us to monitor tooth growth or decay under the surface, and also emits much less radiation compared to its traditional counterpart. Having x-rays taken helps our doctors identify potential warning signs in your child’s dental health that can’t be seen during routine oral exams.

These types of x-rays have the added benefit of comfort, which is one of our highest priorities for our patients. The extraoral digital version doesn’t require the use of placing any sensor in the mouth. Instead, a extraoral sensor captures the image from the outside of the mouth and can be set to image only the area in question. This is less intrusive and helps ease any anxiety, which is especially helpful to our SHCN patients.

Digital Radiography Benefits

  • Emits up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray machines
  • Saves time – Images are rendered immediately and can be easily viewed, stored, sent or printed
  • Higher quality images
  • Less intrusive than traditional methods

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